Organisations/Institutions Promoting and Supporting Science & Engineering in the UK

A number of organisations and institutions in the UK are committed to promoting science and engineering, make scientific research and findings more accessible to the general public, encourage interaction between the scientific community and public, inspire young people for science and engineering careers,… Examples include:

  • British Science Association. Founded almost two centuries ago (under the name of the British Association for the Advancement of Science), the British Science Association is a learned society with a mission to promote science, increase public interest in scientific subjects/topics and enhance the interaction between scientists and non-scientists. Also a new African charity project is underway, further news will follow.

To fulfil its mission, the Association is organising a number of events and activities such as the British Science Festival, Science Communication Conference and British Science Week, to mention a few of the most prominent ones. In order to attract the attention of young people and motivate them for STEM studies and jobs, the Association has launched a youth wing known as the British Association of Young Scientists.

  • Royal Society. Formally called The President, Council, and Fellows of the Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge, the Royal Society is another learned society with a very long history - possibly the longest in the world. Founded back in 1660 by King Charles II, it is thought to be the world’s oldest society of its kind.

The Royal Society runs a number of programmes and projects, among other things also providing advice to the government. But it is also working hard on promoting science through a wealth of public events, meetings, exhibitions and lectures, of which is best known the Summer Science Exhibition.

  • Young Engineers. It is an educational charity which is focused on promoting science and engineering among young people, increase the prestige and appeal of STEM subjects in their eyes, and encourage them to consider engineering jobs/careers.

  • STEMNET (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network). It is a UK educational charity which is committed to promoting engineering studies and jobs to young people, primarily by encouraging students to participate in STEM subjects and activities at school.

  • Engineering Development Trust. This organisation is focused on promoting science and engineering to young people as well. It seeks to accomplish its goal by organising various STEM activities and projects for the UK students as well as facilitating interaction between the industry and schools/educational institutions with an aim to reach the most talented young people and help them develop their full potential.