Science Fairs in the UK

With an aim to promote science and technology and encourage young people in the UK to decide for science and engineering careers, science fairs are organised throughout the country. At both national and local levels. The programmes, awards and activities vary considerably from one fair to another but they all follow the same concept and have the same goal. The main purpose is, like noted earlier, to increase the interest for science, technology and engineering among the young which is to be achieved through competitive activities and awarding the best “young scientists” as well as by providing useful resources/information about science careers and opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).

History of Science Fairs

The idea for science fairs emerged in the United States in the 1950s. From the very beginning, the goal was to make science, technology and engineering fun and rewarding, and most importantly, make science appealing to young people. Initially, this was intended to be achieved through competitive events but over the years, many science fairs were “expanded” to include events and activities of non-competitive nature.

The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair

The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair is the largest science fair of its kind in the UK. It is organised annually by EngineeringUK in cooperation with hundreds of partners from the government, charity, industry and education as well as the scientific community. First held in 2009, the Fair is open to all students aged 7 to 19 and includes various fun and exciting events and activities: shows and performances, live experiments, hand-on activities and information related to science and engineering education and employment/careers.

The National Science + Engineering Competition

In addition to various events and activities to promote STEM among young people, the Big Bang Fair also includes the National Science + Engineering Competition. Open to all full-time students in the UK (aged 11 to 18), the Competition enables the Finalists to present their projects to 50,000+ Fair visitors and compete for more than 30 awards.

The Big Bang Near Me

In order to bring science and engineering closer to young people throughout Britain, the EngineeringUK and its partners also organise The Big Bang Near Me, a series of nationwide local events to motivate young people for science and engineering as well as to encourage them to get involved and compete for very attractive awards at local, regional and national levels.