Other Science Events/Happening in the UK

In addition to countless science festivals, fairs, competitions, conferences and meetings, the UK also hosts a number of other science events and happenings including testing and future technology. Some of the best known and most popular ones include:

  • National Astronomy Week. This popular event is one of the longest running science related events in the UK as it has been held since 1981 albeit in 2014, only the 7th National Astronomy Week took place. Launched by a group of astronomers, teachers and other educational professionals, the Astronomy Week includes a wealth of events and activities at a variety of locations and venues ranging from schools to astronomy societies and planetariums across the country. The goal of the event is to promote interest and understanding of astronomy and related issues which, considering the heavy media coverage and outstanding public response in the form of participation, has been successfully met.

  • London International Youth Science Forum. This is an enrichment programme for students from both the UK and abroad. Each year, the programme is participated by more than 400 students eager to learn more about science. And they come from all over the world. The Science Forum is hosted by the Imperial College London and lasts two weeks during which the students take part of various activities and events. These include lectures by senior scientists and researchers, live demonstrations, visiting some of the leading scientific centres, laboratories, relevant industries, scientific organisations, etc. The event has been organised since the late 1950s.

  • Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. The most prominent public event that is organised by the Royal Society seeks to improve interaction between the scientific community and general public. The latter has the opportunity to get a deeper insight into the state-of-the-art research and technology as well as to directly interact with scientists and researchers, ask questions, take part of various events and activities,… The event is traditionally hosted by the Carlton House Terrace in London. The only exception was the 2010 Science Exhibition which was held at the Southbank Centre.

  • Durham Symposia. Organised by the London Mathematical Society, the Durham Symposia are a series of meetings which are participated by researchers from all over the world. Held annually since the mid-1970s, the Symposia are open only to participants with invitations (approximately one half are reserved for British scientists and researchers) and last 10 days during which new developments and findings are presented and analysed.